Metaverse API Things *

Trackers of Suffers in the Metaverse

how to make calls to this api
faucet status call plat_id
{ "id": 370, "bob": 3, "slag": 9, "grease": 0 }

Data is pulled from the api => outputs the current plota
with suffers in game (Auto Refresh) Plat Previews are clickable
and open to Openseas of asset

Metaverse Sufferer
Jupiter Notebook to generate data from leaderboard

Death Api

simple Tracker to show the Death API live by the golden die by the golden AK
shows last 24hr based on game time (UTC)

Death Plotter

Land Lord

pulling data from the buildrouter about plots you can enter a plat id
and it will return some value that might be useful IE List of uniqe owners in plat.

Land Lord
Check dem Plats

Lottery Oracle

utilizing the API from the King HIMSELF once again
outputs the high givers Oracle of the Lottery System

Lottery Oracle
Check for Today Winning Numbers !!

Bingo Card

Cover the Faucet number on your Bingo Card. All High Givers top of the chart
even if you dont have the $ for the unlock you can still play if the faucet has a
locked status and you unlock it that will still count! UTC Reset game runs for 24 hours
must check in and show POW ie screenshot of card with F12 screen open to verify
what are you playing for WHO KNOWS !!! no really what do you want apartments ?
Vacants ? $bob $ slag $grease Light Vehicles grab you card from

manifold SVG-Bingo get you ticket enjoy the ride

Bingo Card Dabber "FreeSpace"

Folger Faucet Checker

Good till the last faucet it primed then the page will be retired .. pulls array from api and check again
untouch/untapped virgin faucet

Folgers github


I hear ya ... bingo not your speed more wanna go out and hunt your bounty no problem
check out the bounty program at the ARMS Dealer hood go find a jimmi he is out there ><
give me a screeen shot with the plot number and hold the proper paper work
happy hunting

Bounty Hunter Contract

Overlays Hud for in game usage

Map HuD github page

BuilderUI HuD github page

wanna see the Control Room

More Projects to be posted here soon